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Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Evaluation

Graduate Certificate

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Remain at the forefront of advancement

This certificate program equips participants to remain at the forefront of advances in manufacturing technologies and material science. The program develops and enhances skills in analyzing, adopting, and effectively utilizing advanced manufacturing methods and the interplay between manufacturing processes and material properties. Courses can be selected to suit areas of interest and/or job requirements.

Contact Info

Graduate Director

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

56 Garland Hall


Curriculum and Courses

  • MME 588A Material Characterization Techniques
  • MME 588B ASTM Codes
  • MME 588C Sample Preparation Methods, Data Collection and Analysis
  • MME 589A Overview of Traditional Manufacturing Processes
  • MME 589B Practicum Traditional Manufacturing Process
  • MME 589C Design, Modeling and Simulation for Additive Manufacturing

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