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Art and Architecture History


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Study the Arts, Understand the World

Art and Architecture History focuses on the different roles that art, architecture, and visual culture have played in human development. Emphasis is placed on how art reflects not only its specific history, but the aesthetic, social, philosophical, and religious values of the cultures that produce it. (18 semester hours)

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Department of Art

124 Art Building

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Open to all students. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses taken for the minor. Courses must be taken for a grade. Students planning to take this minor should contact the Department of Art.

Curriculum and Courses

A minor in art and architecture history provides an understanding of art and visual culture in both historical context and the contemporary world. A complement to any major, it enhances versatility in an economy powered by visual images. Students take a total of 18 semester hours: 6 credits of introductory-level courses, 9 credits of upper-level courses, 3 credits of a seminar. Course options include the following:

  • ART 188 History of Western Art (Renaissance to Contemporary)
  • ART 309 The Arts of African Peoples
  • ART 314 The Renaissance in Italy
  • ART 389 History of Photography
  • ART 406 Art Since 1980

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Additional Opportunities

Students in the Art and Architecture History minor can tailor their curriculum with a range of opportunities beyond the university classroom.

  • Flexible Curricular Choices

    The flexible structure of the minor in Art and Architecture History allows students to take courses that they went when they want to suit their primary field of study.

  • Study Abroad

    Many study abroad programs offer opportunities to learn about the art of a particular place. These courses can easily be counted for the minor.

  • Curate an Exhibition at the Miami University Art Museum

    Students in the Art and Architecture History minor can take the Capstone Seminar the fall semester of their senior year. This seminar involves the design and research of actual works of art for an exhibition put on display at the Miami University Art Museum.