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Science, Sustainability, and Environment

Biological Sciences, Project Dragonfly

Master of Arts in Teaching

Graduate Program

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Ignite ecological & social change

Project Dragonfly is an education reform initiative with master’s degree programs in biology, graduate courses, learning media, public exhibits, and community partnerships across the U.S. and globally. Our graduate students are opening new frontiers in community innovation and education while earning their master’s degrees.

Contact Info

Mrs. Mary Jo Lahrmann

Sr Program Assistant

Project Dragonfly

113A Upham Hall

Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 529-8573

Career Options

Curriculum and Courses

Students in the Global Field Program may elect to pursue either a Master of Arts in Biology (MA in Biology) or a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in the Biological Sciences.

Apply to the MAT if you fall in any of the following categories: 1) you are certified to teach, 2) you have an academic degree in education or education related field (i.e., bachelor’s or master’s), or 3) you have taught, teach, or plan to teach in a k-12 school or informal education setting (also see FAQ’s on MAT vs. MA). Note: The MAT degree does not confer a teaching license. Applicants with no education background should apply for the MA, not the MAT degree.

  • BIO 631 Conservation Science & Community
  • BIO 632 Biology in the Age of Technology (BAT)
  • BIO 634 Issues in Evolution
  • BIO 636 Science Leadership & Media Workshop
  • BIO 654 Foundations of Inquiry

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