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Medicine, Health, and Well-being

Biomedical Science

Master of Medical Science

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Encouraging a passion for the health sciences

The Master of Medical Science (MMSc) in Biomedical Science Degree will enhance your credentials for medical school or other healthcare professional programs. The 12-month General Curriculum leads to the MMSc degree.

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Christopher Howell

Upham Hall, 143

513 529 1234

The program is designed to:

Enhance your knowledge of basic sciences through graduate courses in the academic departments.

Build your pre-clinical skill set in the patient care-centered graduate courses from the Physician Associate Studies program.

Facilitate field studies such as shadowing physicians and health care professionals in a wide range of practices.

Provide individualized professional advising to strengthen your professional school application and your interview skills.

Mentor you to reflect on your personal growth during the program and your professional ambitions beyond the program.

Include a Certificate in Business Management in the 24-month Leadership program (not available until Summer 2024).

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Miami’s unique design empowers students to leverage their undergraduate experiences and career goals into a tailored graduate education

Curriculum and Instructional Design

Students from both the General Studies and Leadership tracks will take a core pre-clinical science curriculum based on courses from the Physician Associate Studies MS program (PAS). To individualize each student’s Plan of Study, electives are selected from graduate courses in General Science, Molecular Science, Neuroscience, and Public Health/Gerontology (BIO, CHM, GTY, KNH, MBI). For students who follow the Leadership track, additional courses from the Farmer School of Business are selected (FIN, ISA, MGT, MKT). A Certificate in Business Management is earned (available starting Summer 2024). The culminating experience for the MMSc degree is a Capstone that encourages individual and group reflection through journal entries, discussion groups, and individualized conferences. Students complete the Capstone with a strong sense of their potential for unique contributions to the future of healthcare.

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    General Focus Curriculum

    Students wanting to complete a more traditional bridge pathway to medical school will typically favor a General Studies track, which can be accomplished in as little as 12 months. (32-credits)

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    Leadership Focus Curriculum

    Beginning in the Summer of 2024, students wanting more extensive preparation will generally favor our Leadership track.  Partnering with Miami’s Farmer School of Business, this track can be accomplished in as little as 24 months (47 credits). 
    The program trains future leaders for clinically-related work in healthcare fields. In addition, the Leadership track has flexible scheduling so students can fill gaps in their preparation for professional programs by increased shadowing and volunteering, and by intensively preparing for the MCAT.

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