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Science, Sustainability, and Environment


Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctorate

Graduate Program

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Careers in health, the environment, and plant science

The Department of Botany trains Graduate students in integrative research, with a curriculum that exposes students to the major sub-disciplines of botany, and a program that allows enough flexibility to develop interdisciplinary work.

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Dr. Thomas O. Crist

Chair & Professor

Pearson Hall

212 Oxford, OH 45056

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Program Structure

The Department of Biology offers the Master of Arts (MA) degree, which is designed as a technical professional path for individuals pursuing industrial or research support as career objectives. A combined Bachelors-Masters (MS and MA) program in Botany is available for qualified undergraduate students. Interested students may also combine their Botany degree with a Graduate Certificate in either Ecology or Conservation Biology.

Research and Support Facilities

The Department of Biology in Pearson Hall is well-equipped with research laboratories in plant anatomy and morphology, cell biology, plant ecology, plant evolutionary genetics, plant molecular biology, mycology, plant physiology, plant systematics, and bioinformatics. Special facilities include: the Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging, Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium, Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, plant growth chamber facility, and the Ecology Research Center (184 acres). Special departmental funds are available on a competitive basis to support student research projects.

Program Structure

Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees require 30 semester hours and completion of all degree requirements.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Botany requires 60 semester hours and you must meet the minimum requirements for the master’s degree or equivalent.

  • At least two BIO 650, 710, 720, or equivalent seminars are required
  • At least one Botany graduate course, of 3 credits or more, with a ‘B’ or higher from 3 of the 4 core areas in Botany: Ecology, taxonomy, or systematics Morphology, anatomy, or development Cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, or physiology Applied Skills (electron microscopy [lecture and lab], bioinformatics, pedagogy, statistics, instrumentation)

More Program Information

The Department of Biology offers a wide range of degree options in Botany.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Additional Opportunities

Undergraduate students may also wish to enroll in the combined BA(BS)/MA program in Botany which allows students to pursue a Masters of Arts degree in an accelerated manner while pursuing their bachelor’s degree.

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