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Science, Sustainability, and Environment

Cellular, Molecular and Structural Biology

Master of Science, Doctorate

Graduate Program

  • Oxford
  • Graduate Program
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Petri dishes and vials on a grey lab table

Exploring the interdisciplinary life sciences

The Graduate Program in Cell, Molecular and Structural Biology (CMSB) is a multidisciplinary, interdepartmental program of study and research leading to M.S. (with a thesis required) and Ph.D. degrees. The CMSB program brings together, from various departments at Miami University, faculty and students with broad interests in several areas of life sciences

Contact Info

Carole Dabney-Smith

160 Hughes Laboratories

651 E. High St.

Oxford, OH 45056


Curriculum & Courses

  • CMSB seminar
  • Pedagogy training
  • One course from 3 of 4 core areas:
    • Biochemistry
    • Cell Biology
    • Molecular Biology
    • Structural Biology

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