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Climate Accounting and Engineering


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The Climate Accounting and Engineering minor provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to help organizations, either as employees or external consultants, identify, reliably measure and faithfully represent the environmental impact of their direct and indirect activities. The accountancy courses included in the minor will provide students with an understanding of key concepts relating to the identification, measurement and reporting of information for decision-making along with an opportunity to apply those concepts in the context of organizations' environmental impact. The engineering courses included in the minor will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and design systems for reducing environmental impact and assess the impact of such systems in comparison to the best and reasonably available control technology standards (BACT, RACT).

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A minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses in this minor. Courses must be taken for a grade (not credit/no-credit). Students planning to take this minor should consult with the department below. This minor is open to all university students and we welcome all inquiries about the minor. Admission to most Farmer School of Business minors is limited and the respective departments are responsible for managing their enrollments. Students may enroll in a maximum of two Farmer School of Business minors. Some minors are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis while others have entry restrictions or requirements. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of gaining entry into an FSB minor, interested students should contact the department offering the minor as early as possible in their academic careers. Completion of an FSB minor may require taking coursework during summer and winter terms and/or online.