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Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science


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Innovations like smartphone apps have their foundations in computer science. In this program, you will develop expertise in programming languages, algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, and applications such as computer networks, computer security, computer games, and the ethical implications of computer technology.

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Norm Krumpe

Departmental Advisor and Senior Lecturer

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Benton Hall, 205

510 E. High St., Oxford, OH


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Computer Science Options

Miami offers both a B.A. and a B.S. degree in Computer Science.


  • Do you have an interest in another subject area that you would like to pursue alongside majoring in Computer Science? If so, then consider the Bachelor of Arts degree. This degree requires a minor or second major outside of Computer Science and Software Engineering. This allows you to learn about business, the arts, education, science, or some other field of interest to you. It also gives you more flexible science options.

  • Would you like to take additional computer science electives, and strengthen your mathematics, statistics, and science knowledge? If so, then the Bachelor of Science degree might be your best bet. It includes 3 additional Computer Science electives (so, 7 electives in all), 3 additional electives in mathematics and/or statistics, and 2 science courses that are designed for science majors.

  • What if you are not sure? No problem: the requirements look the same for roughly the first two years. An advisor from our department can help you plan your courses in a way that keeps your options open in case you would like to switch.

B.A. Curriculum and Courses

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree provides students with an understanding of the key principles and practices of computing and at the same time requires focus in a second area through the completion of a minor, a co-major, or a second major outside of Computer Science to create potentially powerful combinations of expertise.

Below are a sample of courses in this degree program. Select “Explore Requirements” for a full list of courses in this major.

  • CSE 273 Optimization Modeling
  • CSE 372 Stochastic Modeling

  • CSE 411 Introduction to Model-Driven Software Engineering

  • IMS 440 Emerging Technology Practicum

  • ISA 401 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Career Options

Graduates typically work as software engineers, consultants, programmers/analysts, computer scientists, systems programmers, or database administrators. Other graduates continue their education in graduate school.

Additional Opportunities

Miami is more than a classroom. Here are some of the many opportunities you will have to participate in outside of class.

  • Get Involved

    There are several CSE student organizations to join.

    CSE Organizations
  • Internships

    Many of our CSE students have held summer internships.

    Learn more about Internships
  • Senior Design Projects

    As a CSE student, you will be able to work on a year-long senior design team project. Click the link below to see the problems our students have helped solve for their clients.

    Explore Senior Design

Facts and Stats

Your college experience here will be one of the most exciting times of your life. To make sure of this, we’ll provide you with a powerful support system.

  • #2 in the Nation for Skilled Technical Talent

    CodeSignal, 2021

  • 89.3% First-Second Year Retention Rate within Computer Science Major

    Miami University Data, 2003-2019

  • 97% Job Placement Rate

    Miami University Data, 2017-2019


Caroline Danzi
  • At Miami, Caroline worked with Kode2Learn, an organization where students teach programming at local schools. Her academics, volunteerism, and developer internship experiences stood out to one of the biggest names in tech.

    Caroline Danzi '17
    Software Engineer, Google

Admission and Aid

This is Where Your Journey to Miami University Begins.

Explore what it means to be a college student at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where students prepare to go anywhere and everywhere. We’ll be here to help every step of the way as you prepare for college admission, enrollment, and success.

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