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Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Computer Science

Master of Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Science

Graduate Program

  • Oxford
  • Graduate Program
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Dr. Kiper working with students

Be on the cutting edge

The mission of the Master of Science in Computer Science program is to prepare students for computing professions that require research, invention, and advanced or specialized knowledge. Advanced coursework and experience with research and invention prepares students for work on the cutting edge of computer science. Both a research-based thesis option and a project-based non-thesis option are offered.

Contact Info

Graduate Director

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

510 E. High St.

Oxford, OH 45056


Curriculum and Courses

  • CSE 511 Introduction to Model-Driven Software Engineering
  • CSE 532 Machine Learning
  • CSE 543 High-Performance Computing & Parallel Programming
  • CSE 551 Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures
  • CSE 564 Algorithms
  • CSE 565 Comparative Programming Languages
  • CSE 567 Computer and Network Security

Additional Opportunities

  • Undergraduate Opportunities

    Undergraduate students may apply to participate in the combined bachelor’s/master’s program.

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