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Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology


Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity


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Major in Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity major provides graduates with a thorough understanding of the key principles and practices related to the world of cybersecurity. It combines the basics of computer science with the skills and knowledge of security to form the basis for a range of careers.

Contact Info

Dr. James Walden

Professor and Director of the Center for Cybersecurity

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Benton Hall, 201C

Oxford, Ohio 45056




  • “The field of cybersecurity is growing at a rapid pace with the Occupational Outlook Handbook indicating there are over 163,000 openings at an average salary of $102,600/year,” said Scott Campbell, program director. “The field is predicted to grow at a pace of 25% over the next decade. This is a growing field of great importance both at the national and corporate levels.”

    Scott Campbell
    Senior Director of Technology and Instructor

Career Options

Careers include security analyst, penetration tester, network security engineer, security architect, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Cybersecurity Engineer, and application security engineer.

Curriculum and Courses

Topics of study include basic cybersecurity principals, systems administration, systems security, networks and network security, data security including encryption, and of course offensive and defensive methodologies. These are coupled with core topics of computer since including programming languages, algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, and applications of computer science such as database systems, artificial intelligence, and computer networks.

  • CYB 234 System Administration and Scripting for Security
  • CYB 235 Computer Network Design and Administration
  • CYB 236 Data Security
  • CYB 334 Network Security
  • CYB 332 Human, Organization, and Societal Security

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