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Math, Stats, and Data Analytics

Data Analytics


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Extract Meaning from Complex Data

Data Analytics combines statistical methods, programming skills and deep knowledge in a field of application to extract meaning from large, unstructured or complex data sets with the goal of informing policy, decisions, or scholarly research. This minor is designed for students who anticipate a career involving quantitative research methods or the ability to manage with the unstructured data sets that are common in many areas of business, government or scholarly inquiry. Students minoring in Data Analytics may not major in Data Analytics. (19 semester hours)

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Department of Statistics

311 Upham Hall

Oxford, OH 45056


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Prerequisites for this program include: Introductory Statistics (AP Statistics, STA 261, STA 301, or ISA 225); Precalculus (MTH 104 or MTH 123 or MTH 125) or Calculus 1 (AP Calculus or MTH 151) or an ACT Math score of at least 26 or an SAT Math score of at least 600 or at least 16 on the Miami Math Placement Test.