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English: Linguistics


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Linguistics is the field of inquiry that addresses the origin and nature of language, investigates language in all of its forms (spoken, written, signed), and describes how language is used wherever, whenever, and however it is practiced. Linguistics is comprised of several subfields including, but not limited to, applied and educational linguistics, formal and computational linguistics, historical and comparative linguistics, neuro- and psycholinguistics, and sociocultural linguistics. (18 semester hours)

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Aaron Shield

Director of Linguistics

Department of English

382 Bachelor Hall

Oxford, OH 45056


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A minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses in this minor. Courses must be taken for a grade (not credit/no-credit). The Linguistics minor consists of eighteen hours of study (six courses) from the introductory to the senior level, including historical surveys, major author courses, and courses in special topics. Students planning to take the Linguistics minor should consult with the Linguistics Director.