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Human Behaviors, Cultures, Languages, and Literatures

Gerontological Studies

Graduate Program

  • Oxford
  • Graduate Program
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Research seminar in the department of gerontology

Work in research/academia, policy & services

This degree provides a thorough background in theory, policy, and research that informs the experience of aging and what it means to be old through course work and an individualized practicum. Students interact with professionals through research experiences and informal mentoring.

Contact Info

Jennifer M. Kinney

Professor of Sociology & Gerontology

Upham Hall, 380

Oxford, OH 45056

513 529 2915

Facts and Stats

  • 42% entered an advanced degree program

  • 33% held positions in aging services and administration

  • 10% were employed in aging-related research positions

Curriculum and Courses

  • GTY 602 Perspectives in Gerontology
  • GTY 608 The Logic of Inquiry
  • GTY 609 Qualitative Research Methods
  • GTY 611 Linking Research and Practice
  • GTY 640 Graduate Practicum in Gerontology
  • GTY 641 Organizations and the Aging Enterprise
  • GTY 667 Policy and Politics of Aging
  • GTY 705 Oral and Written Communication for Gerontologists
  • GTY 708 Methods and Statistics in Gerontology.

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