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Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Master of Science

Graduate Program

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K8522 Beena in a manufacturing environment with students K8522 Beena Sukumaran in a manufacturing environment with students

A higher level of mastery

The course of study includes Advanced Mechanics of Materials, Control of Dynamic Systems, and Mechanical Behavior of Materials as well as additional courses in mechanical engineering, science, mathematics, and computer engineering. Both a research-based thesis option and a project-based non-thesis option are offered.

Contact Info

Graduate Director

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

56 Garland Hall


Curriculum and Courses

  • MME 503 Heat Transfer
  • MME 512 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  • MME 513 Introduction to Compressible Flow
  • MME 536 Control of Dynamic Systems
  • MME 570 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
  • MME 595 Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamics

Additional Opportunities

  • Undergraduate Opportunities

    Undergraduate students may apply to participate in the combined bachelor’s/master’s program.

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