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Master of Science

Graduate Program

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Research-intensive proficiency in the core areas of physics

The Department of Physics offers a research-intensive, two-year program leading to the Master of Science degree. During the two years in the program, students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the core areas (Electromagnetism, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics), and be involved in significant, potentially publication-worthy research activity, which culminates in a thesis.

Contact Info

Paul Kenji Urayama

Chair & Professor of Physics

Kreger Hall, 220

Oxford, OH 45056

513 529 5515

Curriculum and Courses

  • PHY 620 Topics in Modern Physics
  • PHY 623 Solid State Physics
  • PHY 642 Advanced Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mechanics
  • PHY 651 Quantum and Nonlinear Optics
  • PHY 671 Electromagnetism
  • PHY 677 Independent Studies
  • PHY 691 Modern Quantum Physics
  • PHY 692 Modern Quantum Physics
  • PHY 700 Research for Master’s Thesis

Additional Opportunities

  • Undergraduate Opportunities

    Undergraduate students may also wish to enroll in the combined BS/MS program in Physics which allows students to pursue a master degree in an accelerated manner while pursuing their bachelor’s degree.

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