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Human Behaviors, Cultures, Languages, and Literatures


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Understand Human Behavior

Anthropology is the study of humans. You will integrate science, social science, and humanities perspectives to understand what it means to be human. Because individuals and societies are complex and dynamic, anthropology covers evolutionary origins, material artifacts, socio-cultural practices, language, worldviews, and cultural change over time.

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Homayun Sidky, Ph.D.

Departmental Advisor

Department of Anthropology

120 Upham Hall, 701 Western College Dr., Oxford, OH 45056


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Curriculum and Courses

Our curriculum is designed to foster student curiosity in the field, with over 30 upper level courses so that students can dive deep into their own interests in topics like artifact management, medicine, narrative, politics, primate behavior, and religion, or into world regions like Latin America, Native America, South Asia or the Middle East. Students also gain holistic training in the discipline with core courses that include labs to build skills in each of anthropology's four sub-fields: archaeology, socio-cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

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Career Options

Over half of all Miami's Anthropology majors do postgraduate work in fields such as anthropology, zoology, history, public health, law, and medicine. Anthropology graduates have also gone into a variety of careers, from business to public service, from medicine, law, and teaching to the fine arts.

Facts and Stats

Your college experience here will be one of the most exciting times of your life. To make sure of this, we’ll provide you with a powerful support system.

  • 90% First-to-second year retention

    Miami University Data

  • 21st Among Public Universities in the United States for Four-Year Graduation Rate

    The Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac

  • 96% of 2018-2019 graduates who were employed or furthering their education by fall 2019

    Miami University Data


Daniel McClurkin
  • The liberal arts work off the primary assumption that there is no such thing as non-interdisciplinary approaches to problems; there is no job that does not deal with multiple fields. It's not enough to be a ‘people person.’

    Daniel McClurkin '17
    Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University

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