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Science, Sustainability, and Environment


Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science


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Hand in black gloves adds dots to petri dish

Discover Life’s Smallest Forms

Microbiology is the study of some of the smallest life forms, such as bacteria, molds, and viruses. You’ll take on challenges like antibiotic resistance, toxic waste cleanup with microorganisms, and vaccine development. This program prepares you for entry-level careers in microbiology, pre-professional programs, and advanced degrees.

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Becky Balish, Ph.D.

Lead Departmental Advisor

Department of Microbiology

212 Pearson Hall, 700 E. High St., Oxford, OH 45056


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Curriculum and Courses

The program in microbiology includes courses in general microbiology, pathogenic (disease-related) microbiology, immunology (dealing with immunity to disease), microbial ecology (environmentally related microbiology), virology, genetics (including recombinant DNA technology), microbial physiology, bioinformatics, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Laboratories are an essential part of the science courses.

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Career Options

A major in microbiology prepares students for a career in almost any field in medicine and biology. Microbiologists work in every sector of the economy: universities, hospitals, government agencies, industry, the Peace Corps, and NASA. Our recent graduates report job titles of staff microbiologist, lab technician, research assistant, and technical sales representative.

Facts and Stats

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  • 90% First-to-second year retention

    Miami University Data

  • 21st Among Public Universities in the United States for Four-Year Graduation Rate

    The Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac

  • 96% of 2018-2019 graduates who were employed or furthering their education by fall 2019

    Miami University Data


Rebecca Wyma
  • In preparation for medical school, Rebecca conducted research, participated in a medical education club, and job-shadowed a physician through a program sponsored by Miami’s Mallory-Wilson Center for Heathcare Education.

    Rebecca Wyma ’18
    Microbiology, Premedical Studies

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