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Science, Sustainability, and Environment


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Explore Plant Biology

Nearly all natural science disciplines involve plant biology. Botanists study organisms ranging in size from microscopic algae in thermal springs to giant redwood trees in California and fungal organisms an acre or more in size. Botanical science ranges from the molecular to the organismal, and from individual organisms to the world biosphere.

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Rich Moore, Ph.D.

Chief Departmental Advisor

Department of Biology

Pearson Hall 212, 700 E. High St., Oxford, OH 45056


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Career Options

Botany majors are highly successful at gaining admission into graduate and professional schools or entering the profession in education, industry, government, and non-governmental organizations. Many of our graduates become teachers, researchers, or park naturalists upon graduation, or enter graduate schools in ecology and molecular biology, among other fields. They have a high success rate of entry into medical and law schools (with some of the latter specializing in environmental or patent law).

Facts and Stats

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  • 90% First-to-second year retention

    Miami University Data

  • 21st Among Public Universities in the United States for Four-Year Graduation Rate

    The Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac

  • 96% of 2018-2019 graduates who were employed or furthering their education by fall 2019

    Miami University Data


Krystina Hird
  • My favorite thing about research is that for a short period of time, you can discover something no one else in the world knows. That feeling is what motivates me through every difficult assay and every failed experiment.

    Krystina Hird '19
    Graduate Student, Michigan State University

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